2017 Social Media Marketing Trends

Some of the world's leading social media marketing experts have come together to share their 2017 social media marketing trends.  In this slide share presentation you will get 33 expert tips on social media marketing.  My favorite tips are #10 Give more than you take. I believe that you should always give more to your audience than you take and #13 which is all about FOCUS.  I do believe that business owners need to focus on one or two social media platforms and try not to be everywhere.  That just doesn't work.  But you will find these and more in the slide presentation below.  Enjoy!

 My favorite trend actually has nothing to do with social media at all.  It has to do with email marketing.  This year more business owners realized that they actually needed an email marketing software now more than ever. They understood what I've been saying for years and that is that you need to find ways to pull people out of social media and on to your list.  My favorite email marketing software service provider is Aweber.  Aweber allows you to take a 30-Day free trial, which is great.
Email marketing is fun and can generate a lot of engagement.  Click here to check out my FREE training, "7 Email Marketing Ideas That Will Engage Your Customers and Keep Them Coming Back For More"

Email Marketing

I am always surprised when I attend networking events or conduct a workshop and I discover that small business owners are not taking advantage of email marketing.  If you’re not emailing your customers, then how are you communicating with them? And if you are emailing them how are sending the email via Gmail? Or Hotmail? Please say it ain’t so.

If you’re in business or you call yourself being in business, it’s time to grow up and get yourself a professional email marketing software.  When it comes down to business success leaves clues.  And every successful entrepreneur that I know has one.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp or Constant Contact having a professional email marketing tool is essential.

The Benefits of Email Marketing Using a Professional Email Marketing Software

  • Email marketing allows you to meet your customers exactly where they are, which is reading emails on their cell phone. It is because of this reason that entrepreneurs should cater their email marketing efforts to the way emails show up in their customers inbox, which is like this:

  • Note that the FROM line is bold.  Therefore, who the email is FROM is most important.  Second is the SUBJECT LINE, which is also in a larger and bolder font size.  Then last but not least the first 1 or 2 sentences are seen above the fold.  Therefore, the first two sentences are very important as they will most likely end up being the determining factor in whether or not your email is read.  With this being known.  I would make sure to spend a lot of time on these items.
  • Email marketing is cheap. It’s cheaper to send an email than it is to send a package or letter in the mail.  Therefore, it is probably the most effective way to market.  It takes about 10,000 emails in order for you to get close to 1,000 people opening up your emails. Therefore, it’s cheaper more cost effective to broadcast 10,000 emails rather than 10,000 letters, flyers or postcards.

You can’t send 1,000 emails via Gmail or Hotmail. Let’s face it. Having a professional email marketing software is essential for the success of your business.  You cannot send out bulk emails from free email accounts.  If you try it then you will certainly get your account shut down.  However, using a professional email marketing software will allow you to send out thousands of emails within seconds.

Why most people don’t use professional email marketing software?

The number one reason why most small businesses don’t use email marketing software is because they don’t want to spend the money.  Most email marketing software comes with a monthly fee.  But it is a monthly fee that’s worth it when your phone starts to ring with clients and your sales increase when you send out a promotion.  While many small business owners believe they cannot afford most email marketing software packages, the reality of the matter is they can’t afford not to have a professional email marketing software.

Other businesses have the false belief that they will become spammers to their clients and they fear that they will unsubscribe.  As a small business owner you should want people to unsubscribe as fast as possible. All email list could use a good enema, because all you’re really doing is getting rid of the crappy people that are on your list. Each time I send an email, I lose some people, but most of them leave because they’ve gone out of business, which is their bad not mine.

I use Aweber as my preferred email marketing software.  And they offer a generous 30 Day Trial.  I encourage anyone who is serious to take advantage of the Aweber offer.  Enter your name and email below to get access to my top 10 ideas for emails to send to your customer or client list.

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The 6th Annual Small Business Bootcamp for Women

The 6th Annual Small Business Bootcamp for Women is set to take place on Saturday, October 7, 2017.  The event is taking place at the beautiful Radisson Hotel in New Rochelle, NY from 8:00am to 5:00pm. The theme for this year's event is ALL THE WAY UP!

By attending the Bootcamp participants will discover the secrets to getting their business growing and sales soaring by learning the and most effective selling and marketing strategies available today.  After attending this event and putting what you learn into action you will be able to take your business (as the theme suggests) ALL THE WAY UP!

According to the SBA only 50% of small businesses survive past the five year mark and most of them cite sales, marketing and finance as their biggest challenges.  The Small Business Bootcamp for Women addresses these challenges in a high energy and fun-filled learning environment.  Sample topics covered at the event will include:

  • How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Small Business
  • How to Build your Business Brand
  • How to Attract your Ideal Customer and Clients
  • How to Effectively Use Other Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Business
  • How to Use PR to grow your business.

Tickets are on sale now at www.smallbusinessbootcampforwomen.com

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How to Build Your Brand on Social Media

In this video training you will discover how to build your brand on social media.  Social media is here to stay, therefore small business owners must learn how to navigate the different platforms and make social media work for them.

Learn how to fall in love with the different social media platforms and make them your magnet for generating leads and sales online.  Social media marketing does not have to be difficult or hard, if you develop a strategy that is a combination of fun and education, you will definitely win.

You will learn:

  • How to win friends and influence people on social media
  • How and when to post on social media
  • What social media platform is best for your business
  • How to become a social media magnet
  • How to generate leads and sales on social media

You will discover this and so much more in this video.  By the time it's over, you will become a social media expert.

Content Marketing 101

It is often said that content is king. Well this is true in today's market place. In this video you will learn content marketing 101.  You will discover how to get started with content marketing and how to use content to position yourself as an expert in your field.

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Facebook Colored Background for Text

In case you haven't noticed, Facebook has rolled out with a new background color for post that's just text.  If you haven't seen it before, it looks something like this:

Facebook background color for text

Facebook Background Color for Text

Pretty soon everyone will have the ability to update their status by adding a background color to their post.  This will make the post stand out more.  It will also probably compete with a lot of other apps that allow you to jazz up your text-only posts. Facebook is notorious for taking the features of other software companies and adding them as a part of Facebook.  Software companies like Canva, probably isn't so happy with this new move.

But I believe that Android users probably are happy because this feature rolled out on Android phones first.  In the past most of Facebook new features roll out on iOS first.  However, this time it's rolling on Android first.  Probably spreading the wealth.

A Facebook spokesperson said, “We’re rolling out a change to help people make their text posts more visual. Starting today, people can update the background color of their text-only posts on Android.”

Facebook's original text-only posting has been down by 15% since 2015. And this new change is with the hopes that it will encourage more text-only updates by allow a background color to be added and making the text larger.

When it comes to Apple, it will look something like this:

However, there will always be a variety of new software and apps that will give social media advocates the ability to jazz up their online content.

When you see this feature pop up on your phone my advise is "USE IT" and why I believe you should use it is because these post stand out in your timeline (A LOT).  And that's the name of the social media game.

But when everyone has the ability to make their text post stand out then you will have to do something extra special to make your content stand out.

I encourage everyone on Facebook to keep thinking outside of the box.  It's hard to know what will make your content go viral.  But you can start by reviewing your insights and find the types of posts that do go viral and continue to create those types of posts.  It's not rocket science, it's actually history.  Just review the history of your viral content and I'm sure you will find a pattern.  Once you find the pattern, it's all a matter of rinsing and repeating these patterns.

Becoming a person of influence and garnering a large following via social media is not as hard as you may think when you're being intentional.  A review of your insights can make you extremely intentional and a smart poster.  Go far it!


5 Questions You Need to Ask to Attract More Leads to Your Business

attract more leads

Before anyone can attract more leads to their business they need to know who their target market consists of, or in other words ask yourself the question "Who is my ideal lead?"  Keeping that in mind, there are 5 questions you should ask yourself before beginning any new lead generation campaign, and they are as follows:

1. Who is your ideal customer?

Who is the person you're looking to attract?  How old are they? Are they male or female? What's their age? Have they graduated from college? How much money do they earn?  These are some top of mind demographic questions you must answer in order to create an avatar for your ideal customers.  At the end of the day, knowing who you're targeting is the key to attract more leads to your business.

2. What do your customers care about?

What are the concerns of your ideal customers? What type of information do they want to know about?  Are they concerned about time management? Being overwhelmed? Being overweight/underweight?  In other words, what keeps them up at night?  Knowing this information is critical because in order to attract more leads for your business, you will need to know the interests of your customers.

3. Where do your customers hang out?

Do they hang out on social media? If so, what are their preferred social media sites? What conferences do they attend?  What websites or blogs do they frequent?  If you don't know this information, how will you know where to place ads to attract your ideal customers.  Positioning your advertising and banners in the right places is essential to your success.

4. What types of offers would be attractive to your ideal customer?

Would your customers respond to a coupon? A contest? A flash sale?  Are they interested in educational material?  Free material? Would they pay for this material? You must know what bright shiny object will be the temptation for  your ideal customers.  And it has to be tempting enough for them to opt in to receive it?

5. Can you build a "tribe" of potential customers who are interested in your attractive offer/shiny object?

Once you know who your ideal customer is and you know what they're interests are and you know where to find them, then the next question you want to ask yourself is once I find them, what am I going to do with them?  Unfortunately, most people that I know are not successful in business because they have not built a tribe. They're basically running their business on a one off basis, meaning that they're one and done.  After they finish with their one sale, they have no methodology for managing or building a relationship with that customer.  They don't realize that their best customer is their last customer.

Truthfully, business owners need a place where they can not only attract more leads, but they also need a place to house and nurture those leads.  This would be some type of database or CRM system.  I currently use Infusionsoft and it's a great tool to keep me stat on the pulse on my small business.  It is also a great way to collect data on your tribe.

One of the biggest lessons I've learned since I've been using Infusionsoft is that my tribe read emails very slow and over a long period of time. It actually can take weeks before they open my emails. So in the past,  I generally would look at email statistics right after an email campaign and would generally end up concerned over open rates.  But now I know that there is no need to be concerned, I just need to give it time.  I also need to give more time to my offers and extend or provide longer deadline dates.  I also know exactly what links clicked the most in each email and can view each lead and see on an individual basis all of the lists that they belong to.  This is valuable information for me and I can use it to build my overall 2017 Strategy.

I'm excited about learning more about my leads, the data from Infusionsoft will help me to attract even more.  If you would like to get a great deal, email my Small Business Growth Expert, Frank Gittens at frank.gittens@infusionsoft.com or call him at 480-397-6367/cell - 602-430-3032.  Tell him that Toni Coleman Brown sent you.  If you decide to get started, I have a FREE ticket to ICON2017 waiting for you when you do.  Tickets are $699 until 1/31/17 and then it goes up to $899.00.

2017 Online Sales & Marketing Predictions

Online marketing rules are changing.  And let's face it, the rules change EVERY year.  It can be quite frustrating for those who struggle to keep up.  The bottom line is that it has become increasing more difficult to convert an online sale, which is why we created this free report. This document represents our 2017 Online Sales & Marketing Predictions.  It details upcoming online sales trends as well as online marketing trends for the New Year.

As more and more small business owners desire to create a balance between offline and online sales, this report comes right on time.

Get your hands on our 2017 Online Sales and Marketing Predictions Report for FREE by entering your name and email address below.


Online Marketing Rules Are Changing

In 2017, content rules are changing.  Your potential online customers are seeking better content. Fickle online consumers, are not going to be satisfied with flimsy content that doesn't make sense. Small business must educate potential buyers on the benefits of using their products or services in a blended learning fashion.  They must educate them in ways that they love to receive and consume information.  Writing simple blog posts and basic online content will not suffice.  Blog posts and online content will have to be multi-faceted.  It will have to include video, audio, info-graphics and more.

The truth of the matter is your ideal customer is looking for you and they're looking for you to provide them with the information that they will need to make that buying decision.

The report above goes into detail regarding the upcoming 2017 trends.  It is easy to consume and is 13 pages long.  Take time out of schedule today to download and read this report.  It is worth it.

The Top 3 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Offers

Traffic is one of the things every online business needs to succeed. Without traffic you literally can’t make any money online. There are many different ways to get traffic to your website. The key thing to being successful with your traffic generation efforts is to be consistent and repeat the steps that are working for getting you the traffic.

It is important to also note that just because you get traffic it doesn’t guarantee sales. So you need to focus on the traffic that converts into sales. The goal of this article is to open your eyes to the Top 3 ways you can get targeted traffic that converts to your website.  So let's jump right in:

  1. Social Media Marketing -  Social media marketing is so powerful that it helped to elect a new president. But it's more than just posting on Facebook.  It involves creating a strategy and plan so that you're posting with a purpose and you're actually doing it with specific goals in mind.  It also involves building audience and generating ads, which happens to be the fastest way to generate leads or sales online.
  2. Video Marketing - Video marketing is another powerful strategy for driving a lot of targeted visitors to your website, and is something that can really help you stand out online from your competition. Video hosting sites like YouTube are among the most visited websites online, and people are starting to spend more time watching online video than they do actually watching regular TV.Not only can video marketing help increase your traffic by showing up in the search engines, but also it can easily be a fabulous viral marketing tool. A well done video can get passed around multiple times online and shared with friends through other social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.
  3. Social Engine Optimization (SEO)  - Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid search results. As you know if your website ranks on the first page of any search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing you will get a great amount of targeted visitors to your website.  SEO techniques involve ways to make sure that your site is fully accessible for search engines to gather the data they need. This lets them accurately place you in their database so people can find you when they search. The two main components of SEO are on page and off page SEO. The on page SEO includes changes made to your website and off page is focused on getting back links to your website. Both play an important role on whether or not your site ranks high in the search engines.  SEO involves a lot of work and I don't encourage anyone to go it alone.  Seek help with optimizing your website, but definitely educate yourself first by taking a course on the topic from either here at the Network for Women in Business or Lynda.com

These are the best ways to generate traffic online. You should pick one strategy and try it for 6 months to see the impact.  I hope this helps you. Let me know what you think by committing below.

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