Toni C. Brown

Are you ready to grow your business?  Are you tired of struggling to find the right answers and solutions? If the answer is YES! Then you're ready to become a member of the Network for Women in Business.  Hi! My name is Toni Coleman Brown and I developed this network to provide an affordable online resource for women in business to get business training.  My motto for the Network is "We EDUCATE to ELEVATE Women in Business."  Training is my passion and it shows here.  So what you should do next is become a member and take a course and get one delivered to you every single month.  Or don't become a member and purchase one of our small business training bundles get on your way!  I am very excited to be alive in times like these.

And don't forget to follow us on social media.  With following of over 36,000 Facebook fans, something that's only been accomplished by 4% of the fan pages on Facebook, I am excited about what's to come!

I was born in New Orleans, LA. and I graduated from Howard University earning a Bachelor's in Business Administration majoring in Finance.  I also have a Master's Degree in Creative Writing from City College of New York. I consider myself to be a country girl in the city and I live in Queens with my husband and two daughters, Sasha and Taylor.