5 Questions You Need to Ask to Attract More Leads to Your Business

attract more leads

Before anyone can attract more leads to their business they need to know who their target market consists of, or in other words ask yourself the question "Who is my ideal lead?"  Keeping that in mind, there are 5 questions you should ask yourself before beginning any new lead generation campaign, and they are as follows:

1. Who is your ideal customer?

Who is the person you're looking to attract?  How old are they? Are they male or female? What's their age? Have they graduated from college? How much money do they earn?  These are some top of mind demographic questions you must answer in order to create an avatar for your ideal customers.  At the end of the day, knowing who you're targeting is the key to attract more leads to your business.

2. What do your customers care about?

What are the concerns of your ideal customers? What type of information do they want to know about?  Are they concerned about time management? Being overwhelmed? Being overweight/underweight?  In other words, what keeps them up at night?  Knowing this information is critical because in order to attract more leads for your business, you will need to know the interests of your customers.

3. Where do your customers hang out?

Do they hang out on social media? If so, what are their preferred social media sites? What conferences do they attend?  What websites or blogs do they frequent?  If you don't know this information, how will you know where to place ads to attract your ideal customers.  Positioning your advertising and banners in the right places is essential to your success.

4. What types of offers would be attractive to your ideal customer?

Would your customers respond to a coupon? A contest? A flash sale?  Are they interested in educational material?  Free material? Would they pay for this material? You must know what bright shiny object will be the temptation for  your ideal customers.  And it has to be tempting enough for them to opt in to receive it?

5. Can you build a "tribe" of potential customers who are interested in your attractive offer/shiny object?

Once you know who your ideal customer is and you know what they're interests are and you know where to find them, then the next question you want to ask yourself is once I find them, what am I going to do with them?  Unfortunately, most people that I know are not successful in business because they have not built a tribe. They're basically running their business on a one off basis, meaning that they're one and done.  After they finish with their one sale, they have no methodology for managing or building a relationship with that customer.  They don't realize that their best customer is their last customer.

Truthfully, business owners need a place where they can not only attract more leads, but they also need a place to house and nurture those leads.  This would be some type of database or CRM system.  I currently use Infusionsoft and it's a great tool to keep me stat on the pulse on my small business.  It is also a great way to collect data on your tribe.

One of the biggest lessons I've learned since I've been using Infusionsoft is that my tribe read emails very slow and over a long period of time. It actually can take weeks before they open my emails. So in the past,  I generally would look at email statistics right after an email campaign and would generally end up concerned over open rates.  But now I know that there is no need to be concerned, I just need to give it time.  I also need to give more time to my offers and extend or provide longer deadline dates.  I also know exactly what links clicked the most in each email and can view each lead and see on an individual basis all of the lists that they belong to.  This is valuable information for me and I can use it to build my overall 2017 Strategy.

I'm excited about learning more about my leads, the data from Infusionsoft will help me to attract even more.  If you would like to get a great deal, email my Small Business Growth Expert, Frank Gittens at frank.gittens@infusionsoft.com or call him at 480-397-6367/cell - 602-430-3032.  Tell him that Toni Coleman Brown sent you.  If you decide to get started, I have a FREE ticket to ICON2017 waiting for you when you do.  Tickets are $699 until 1/31/17 and then it goes up to $899.00.

2017 Online Sales & Marketing Predictions

Online marketing rules are changing.  And let's face it, the rules change EVERY year.  It can be quite frustrating for those who struggle to keep up.  The bottom line is that it has become increasing more difficult to convert an online sale, which is why we created this free report. This document represents our 2017 Online Sales & Marketing Predictions.  It details upcoming online sales trends as well as online marketing trends for the New Year.

As more and more small business owners desire to create a balance between offline and online sales, this report comes right on time.

Get your hands on our 2017 Online Sales and Marketing Predictions Report for FREE by entering your name and email address below.


Online Marketing Rules Are Changing

In 2017, content rules are changing.  Your potential online customers are seeking better content. Fickle online consumers, are not going to be satisfied with flimsy content that doesn't make sense. Small business must educate potential buyers on the benefits of using their products or services in a blended learning fashion.  They must educate them in ways that they love to receive and consume information.  Writing simple blog posts and basic online content will not suffice.  Blog posts and online content will have to be multi-faceted.  It will have to include video, audio, info-graphics and more.

The truth of the matter is your ideal customer is looking for you and they're looking for you to provide them with the information that they will need to make that buying decision.

The report above goes into detail regarding the upcoming 2017 trends.  It is easy to consume and is 13 pages long.  Take time out of schedule today to download and read this report.  It is worth it.

Where the Sale Really Happens Online

If you’re anything like most business owners that I work with you’re probably frustrated with trying to discover what exactly is the secret sauce that causes a person to buy online.

The reality of this situation is that it’s really a lot easier than you think, especially once you know and understand where the sales are really happening online.

The biggest problem with most business owners is that they’re out there throwing stuff at the wall and hoping that something will stick.  They’re simply acting with no strategy. This is the main reason why they’re receiving poor results.

Now, this can be rectified.  But before we get into where the sales are really happen, let’s talk about where they’re not happening.


  1. Sales are not happening anywhere where the buyer doesn’t know you exists. So if you have a website and you don’t have any traffic, then sales are definitely not happening there. So the first thing that you need is TRAFFIC.
  2. Sales are not happening anywhere where the buyer knows about you but doesn’t [pardon my French] gives a rat’s ass about you. If this is happening in your business, then you’re probably getting your offer constantly in front of the wrong audience. And in this case, you need to tighten up or re-assess your target audience.
  3. Sales are not happening anywhere where the buyer is only slightly interested in you. If this is happening in your business, then the buyer may be thinking about giving you a shot, but is just not ready. In this case, you’re probably in the right audience, but the buyer hasn’t really warmed up to you yet…but they’re thinking about it.  And these people just need to be nurtured.

Sooooo…if the sales are definitely not happening in all the places listed above, then where in the heck are they happening?


These are some of the top 3 areas where sales are converting in your business and if you pay attention to these areas you can convert sales online and get into profit with ease:

  1. Previous Customers - There is NOTHING like a past customer. These people are the underutilized gold mine in most businesses that are often overlooked.  These people have already demonstrated that they love you and they’re your biggest fans.  So why not send them Exclusive Offers for being Loyal Customers.  Converting sales in this segment is EASY.  You just have to keep giving them more of what they like.
  2. Segmented Lists – Let me break this down. A segmented list is a group of people within your tribe that have an affinity for something you’ve created.  This could be a group of people who signed up for a webinar or a group of people who opted in for a free product.  Converting is a whole easier when you send these segments the things that they love.  So you can’t go wrong with specific offers to these Segmented List.
  3. Specific Product Page Viewers (Retargeting Pixels) – Okay. In case you didn’t know this.  You can put tracking pixels on your specific product pages.  These tracking pixels can build an audience of people who view your website on these specific pages.

So now that you know where you have the better chances of converting sales online, all you have to do is actively get your offers in front of the right people.  Don't try to market and promote to everyone.  Get clear on who you serve and who your target audience consists of.  This will help you to convert your sales all the time.

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$1 a day can make a Huge difference w/ Facebook Advertising

You Don't Need a Lot of Money for Facebook Advertising

There is a big misconception in the land of small businesses that you need a lot of money to advertise on Facebook. That's so untrue.  Facebook is one of the best platforms that ever existed in the history of mankind to advertise your business.  It is also the cheapest.  You can achieve success with as little as $1 a day.  Seriously!

In his article on Moz.com Brian Carter lays this out nicely.  The chart below clearly illustrates how cheap it is to advertise on Facebook.

Facebook Advertising Comparison

There is no other platform on earth where you can reach so many people at such a low costs and also on the device that they use the most.  (Their cell phones - note to self...make sure all of your sites are mobile ready.).

Facebook's Advertising Platform Caters to Small Business Owners

What I love the most about Facebook's platform is that it caters to small business owners.  While the company does what you to pay to play, it really makes it a win-win for every entrepreneur.  You can create custom audiences based upon past customers or names of people who have opted in for your emails.  You can also create look-a-like audiences of people who have the same behavior of your past customers.  When you add a targeting pixel on your website, you can build a custom audience of website visitors.  You can add these pixels to your main page or you can add them to specific pages in your website.  This allows you to get very creative in your advertising strategy.  This is what makes Facebook head and shoulder's above the rest.

My Facebook Advertising Experience Has Been Awesome

I have had the best experience using Facebook Ads over these past 5 years.  And right now I do believe I found my latest winner.  My last FB Ad campaign generated hundreds of leads in less than a week.  When you find a Facebook Ad that works the next thing you want to do is make sure that you have all the elements in place to make the ad profitable.  In my opinion crafting a FB Ad campaign is like writing a book.  Crafting the ad begins with finding the right lead bait and designing the perfect lead capture page.  Then you must make sure that you have the right back end in place in terms of tripwires, upsells and core offers.  This is the most important part of it because it will determine if your ad is profitable or not.  So, it's like writing a book and finishing it and then realizing that after the book is done, that you need to market and distribute the book in order to generate sales.

The reason why most small business advertisers fail is because they don't have clue with regards to having a strong sales funnel with a tight back end strategy.  You can't go to Facebook either and expect to get trained on what to do because they don't really teach you what you need to know.  The best place to learn is at one of our Online Marketing Mastermind Live events.  Check out our website to find out the next date and register here: http://www.onlinemarketingmastermindlive.com






Announcing…The Online Marketing Mastermind Live 2-Day Event!

I am pleased to announce the Online Marketing Mastermind Live 2-Day event.  This event will take place on Oct. 1st and 2nd of this year and will be hosted at the Radisson Hotel in New Rochelle, NY in the Board Room.  This will be a small mastermind event and only 5 seats remain available.  ===>>www.onlinemarketingmastermindlive.com

This event is for the individual who has been struggling to make sense of marketing on the internet.  Attendees are required to bring their laptops and should come prepared to work. Over the 2 days participants should expect to complete their online sales funnel.  This will consist of creating your first lead magnet, lead capture page, tripwire, core offer and email marketing series.

Learn how to generate leads and convert them

You can expect to discover the importance of creating the right core offer for your target audience and how to peel the onion back on that core offer in a way that will allow you to create multiple tripwire offers and lead magnets.  You will then discover how to test these tripwire offers and lead magnets to find out which ones you should continue to use. You will not only generate leads but you will also discover how to convert them into sales, because at the end of the day, if it doesn't make dollars it simply doesn't make sense.

I'm so tired of seeing people struggle to market online.  Some people believe they can simply post on Facebook and generate sales. This is so wrong! Some people believe they can run an ad and send traffic to their product or site and this will generate sales.  Well...it might, but it's just not as powerful as establishing a sales funnel and sorting through people to find out who's serious and who's not.  This is why I am hosting the Online Marketing Mastermind Live 2-Day event. (Toni Coleman Brown)

With only 5 seats remaining anyone interested in participating should act now and act fast.  These seats will not last long.  Take advantage now.  Discover more about this event at http://www.onlinemarketingmastermindlive.com/

We hope to see you there.

Toni Coleman Brown (Founder) of the Network for Women in Business and (Creator/Host) of the Online Marketing Mastermind Live event.