The No. 1 Reason Why People Hate Networking & How to Overcome It

The number one reason why people hate networking is FEAR of talking to people they don’t know. Period. The average person is so scared to talk to strangers. Think about it? What is the first thing that you learned as a kid? Don’t talk to strangers right?  This is why your mind so quickly goes […]

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The Power of Networking

If you’re a small business owner there is a large chance that you’ve been involved in some form of networking. But do you really understand the Power of Networking? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. But it seems as if small business owners are finally beginning to understand exactly what networking is and how they […]

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Women Networking – The Lifeblood of Female Entrepreneurship

There has certainly been a rise in women networking in the past several decades – and it’s a good thing, too.  In these tough economic times, business owners of both genders are being forced to adapt their practices, and the increase of women networking is likely a direct result of this.  Networking is a great […]

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