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I strongly believe that it's time for female entrepreneurs to not just survive, but to THRIVE.  After helping women in business for the past seven years I've noticed a pattern.  It seems as if for many entrepreneurs being in business has been about survival.  One minute you’re making money and the next moment you’re barely making ends meet.  You shouldn't have to live like that.  You shouldn't have to struggle to generate sales, especially when you're working in your passion.

We want you to know that you don't have to live like that anymore.  You can get your business and your sales on track, especially when you align yourself with the right information and the right people.

You see the problem with most entrepreneurs is that they have blind spots and they lack the education and resources to find the proper coach to fix it. There are problems and issues going on in your business that you cannot see.  And that’s why they’re called blind spots.  I call it unconscious incompetence.  It’s when you don’t know that you don’t know. But you need a guide to help you.

This is where partnering with like-minded entrepreneurs, like me who can help you grow makes the most sense.  My FORMULA for success allows you to get your business back on track and generating sales.

I have helped companies like Double Day Direct generate millions of dollars in sales as a Marketing Director, I have built sales teams of thousands of representatives and have generated millions in sales from a home-based business and I am definitely qualified and certified to help YOU!

My success formula is simple and one that I know you can follow.  Learn more below...

Finally! A Simple Success Formula that's Easy to Follow!


"I told Toni Coleman Brown that she was my hero at the Harlem Small Business Summit 2. This was the third time I had heard her speak. I had first met her at a Meetup event entitled “How to Build Your Brand on a Shoestring Budget Using Social Media.” Since the meeting was free of charge, I went. I had become jaded about social media experts after spending a lot of money attending seminars where I was no wiser than I was before.

I’m not a big fan social media. Yet I know I need it to reach potential customers. So I listened carefully to Ms. Coleman’s Brown’s presentation. I was doubtful because I had heard some of it before, but I went home and tried some of her suggestions. To say I was surprised when things worked is an understatement! In the past six weeks, my Facebook fans has increased from 176 to over 3,500 fans and growing.

I had heard a lot about getting the emails of your social media fans. So I placed a “join my mailing list” button on my website and Facebook page. A month ago, I had zero emails from my Facebook and Twitter fans. Three weeks later, I now have 75 emails and growingAnd I am getting inquiries about my greeting cards.

Ms. Coleman Brown has said her mission is to empower women to grow their business. Well in my case, her mission was accomplished. Cheers!"

JEANETmarie Good Hair Cards

Before the I thought it would be hard to build my own lead capture pages, but after the the training was over I created not only one lead capture page, but multiple pages and created my first FB ad.  You must join the Network.  You won't regret it.

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