3 Business Tips to Keep Even the Busiest Customers Happy and Coming Back

We all have hectic schedules, so for small business owners, being able to satisfy the busiest customers can have major rewards for their profits. If you own a business and want to tap into this potential for your company, keep these tips in mind.

Offer Options for Customers Online

 If you are a small business owner who wants to gain and keep the busiest of customers, you simply have to take your efforts online. The easiest way to do so is to look for a simple and affordable web-hosting plan, like the ones offered by BlueHost, that will not take away from your bottom line (basic shared hosting on Bluehost costs just $2.95/month). Working with a provider like BlueHost can help you set up an online store, as well as social media marketing strategies, marketing plans and even SEO for your small business. It’s a great deal for a small price, especially for startups breaking their way into e-commerce. Why the focus on e-commerce? Because busy customers love the convenience of being able to shop online, whether it’s on their phone or on their laptop. Plus, they can more easily send gifts to friends and family members, and avoid the crowds of traditional retail stores.

Respond Quickly to Questions and Concerns

 All customers value service, but for those with busy schedules, time is even more valuable. That’s why you have to make sure your customers’ requests are always addressed quickly. Doing so shows that you value your customers as well as their limited time, and can make the difference between customers returning to shop with you or taking their business elsewhere. When you are doing business online, that means making sure you reply to customer emails and comments in a timely fashion. Even if you do not have an answer right away, let your customers know you hear their concerns and will answer them as soon as possible. Managing your business email will ensure you do not miss customer communications and can reply quickly to inquiries.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

 There are so many schools of thought around how to provide the best customer service. One that seems to draw the most debate is under-promising and over-delivering. This used to be the golden rule of business, but putting this practice to work could backfire in the long run. Sure, your busy customers will be extremely impressed with your ability to go above and beyond, but the day may come when you cannot provide that “wow factor.” Instead of relying on old sales tactics and advice, try to provide the best customer service you possibly can. Be attentive to the needs and demands of your target customer base, and provide quality products and services. Above all, try to learn from negative interactions, whether your own or those of other businesses, and use them to make your customer service model even better.

Pleasing busy customers takes some special tactics. You have to put practices in place that help them make the most of their time while still making the most of your bottom line. Putting the tips above to work for your small business can do that and so much more.


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