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First, Understand What The Best Email Marketing Headlines Look Like on Mobile

The first thing you need to do is grab your cell phone and go to your emails.  Analyze exactly what you see.

  1. The first thing you will send is the Name.  So (Who) is sending the email is very important because that’s the first thing they will see.
  2. The second thing you will see is the Subject Line (and only a portion of it.
  3. The third thing you will see is a snippet of the email.  Those first 7 or 10 words that end up above the fray.

Now this is how it looks in Gmail.  It’s a little different in AOL.  But it’s still the same 3 items, only in different So you will want to make sure you look at all email accounts.  This is important because people will not open your emails if they don’t know you, or they’re not interested in the subject line and you haven’t caught their attention in the first 5 words.  So this is as important as using a grammarly review software.

But Now let’s discuss the best headlines to get your emails open.

#1-Use Proof or Evidence of a fact or a case student and it will be formatted something like this:

How [impressive number] Got [desired result] in [time period]

Like [world class example] You Can [desired result]

#2-Use Threatening Language

If You Don’t [blank] Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

X Shocking Mistakes Killing Your [blank]

#3 – Use a Case Study

[Case Study] What Everybody Ought to Know About [blank]

#4 – Secrets Revealed

Discover The [desired result] Secret

At Last, The Secret To [desired result] Is Revealed

#5 – Use Fear of Loss

[Last Chance] to [Whatever You’re Offering]

#6 – Call Out Mistakes or Lies

X Shocking Mistakes Killing Your [blank]

The Biggest Lie In [your industry]

#7 – Speak to What the Reader Will Gain

Get [desired result] Without [undesired result]

Improve/Increase Your [desired result] In [time period

Hopefully these 7 Best Email Marketing Headlines can help you to achieve your goals get your emails opened.

When it comes to email marketing, I use Aweber as my preferred email marketing software.  And they offer a generous 30 Day Trial.  I encourage anyone who is serious to take advantage of the Aweber offer.

To get additional advice on the different types of emails that you can send to your customers, I created a great video that details this information.  Click the image below to get access to this video.
Click the Image to Watch

Also, please reach out if you need some help.  Call me  at 646-421-0830.

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