In a perfect world you would be running the perfect business.  Of course, you would have a team and your revenues would flow like water. Today we’re going to explore the importance of implementing three magic words that will help you to alleviate small business stress and truly grow your business.

What are the 3 Magic Words That Will Alleviate Small Business Stress?

The first magic word is Automate.  In business it seems as if there is always so much to do, but thanks to the technological advances of the 21st century a lot of these tasks can be automated.  When you automate tasks this will allow you to free up time for you to focus on income producing activities.  There are a variety of things to automate like monthly payments for recurring business expenses.  You can also set up filters and folders for your inbox.  Also, creating email auto-responders can also help put revenue on auto-pilot.

The second magic word is Delegate.  Hiring an assistant can definitely alleviate small business stress, especially if you can find a highly talented one that can handle multiple assignments.  Members of the Network for Women in business are provided with access to a myriad of resources that can help you find the perfect assistant.  Assignments good for delegation are those like blog article writing, social media management and booking speaking engagements.  Also, website maintenance and search engine optimization activities are also good activities to delegate.

The third and final magic word is Eliminate.  It is also my favorite word.  If there is anything in your business that appears to be old and outdated or just isn’t worth the time.  You should get rid of it. Things like keep receipts in a box or keeping business cards in a rolodex, should be let go. If you are using an old journal ledger to record business transactions, then it’s definitely time to come into the new century.  One of the things you can do is stop drowning in emails managing your team and use a software tool like Asana or Monday to manage your team.  Anything that no longer works in your business should be eliminated.

Are You Ready for Change But Not Sure Where to Start?

If you’re experiencing burn out in your business and your friends haven’t seen you in a while, then it’s time for you to get help.  Stop drowning in your small business and get the tools you need to gain clarity and focus so you can grow your income and live & give from the overflow.  Watch the replay of our latest webinar where we will show you how to clean up your messy business.  Click here to watch.

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