Something as simple as saying, “Thank You for Your Business” has become a lost art in today’s society.  However, it is always appropriate to find ways to tell your customers “Thank You.”

Ways to Say, “Thank You For Your Business”

Saying THANK YOU is more than just a good gesture, today it can represent an real opportunity for business owners.  Some traditional ways that you can say it is by:

  • Sending electronic thank you card
  • Follow Up Phone Calls
  • Mail a card
  • A Personal Email
  • Including notes inside of packages
  • Delivering gift baskets like fruit or cheese platters
  • Sending a bottle of wine or some other type of gift
  • Sending a video message

If you write a note make sure to clearly state the persons name, why you’re saying thank you, what you’re thankful for and how you can support the customer or be of service in the future.  These are the most important elements of a thank you note.

Say Thank You By Offering Value

Smart business owners are taking advantage of this space by providing more value added THANK YOU messages.  A value-added Thank You is one that provides a benefit to the customer.  For example, giving a “Thank You For Your Business” card that allows your customers to save on their next purchase is value added.  Or if their purchase is in a brick and mortar store the thank you could be “Get Free Shipping on Your Next Online Order.”

The next time someone places an online order, you can thank them by offering a hot item at a deep discount or you can upsell them to a product that compliments their current purchase at a good price.

The Costs To Acquire a New Customer

It costs way more money to acquire a new customer than it does to convince an existing customer to spend more money.  If you take a lesson from legacy establishments like McDonald’s, you will see that they have learned that the best time to ask your customer to spend more money with you is when their pockets are currently open.  Have you ever heard a McDonald’s cashier say, “Would you like to add a hot apple pie to that order?” or “Would you fries to go with that shake?”  Therefore, you can see that you should thank your customers right away and also ask for more money right away.

There are different names for these types of upsell or value added strategies that are designed to increase your customers average order value.  One name is order bumps.  It’s important to always strike while the iron is hot when it comes down to providing your customer with an additional offer as a thank you.  The best way to do this is to always make sure that the offer compliments their existing purchase.  Amazon does a great job of this by letting their customers know that “People who bought this item also bough this item.”  Another name for this strategy is IFTT which stands for If This then That.

Another Way to Say Thanks

Another way to say Thank You on a more regular and consistent basis to your customers is to offer birthday specials.  DSW does a great job of this with their birthday club.  Every year when it’s your birthday they will send you a card for $5 off of your next purchase of $50 or more.  You may have to send 12 of these cards before someone takes advantage of this, but if you have a lot of customers like DSW, then it’s worth it.

Any good CRM (Customer Relationship Model) will include multiple ways of incentivizing or saying thank you to your customers over their lifetime.  These includes Holidays like Mother’s Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  You can also provide incentives for REFERRALS as a way to say THANK YOU. Referrals are often overlooked in the relationship model.  But Referrals are a great way to skip from the cold market to a warmer market of potential buyers.

Whatever strategy you decide to implement in your business, just do it.  Never overlook the power of saying thanks.

How do you say Thank You in your business?  Drop a comment below to let us know.

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